About Debt Therapy Scotland

Every month, hundreds of Scottish people visit our site looking for help with their debts. Debt Therapy Scotland provide information about the debt solutions available in Scotland and how they can help people become stress free and most importantly, debt free.

Since launching Debt Therapy Scotland we have worked closely with our debt expert partners to provide our users with meaningful and useful information to help them make the best decision on how to deal with their debts.

Every month over 200 people use our debt calculator to see if they qualify for a Trust Deed, Debt Arrangement Scheme or sequestration. Every user who uses our debt calculator receives a free Debt Help Guide.

Here's what a few of our visitors have had to say....

“I can concentrate on living my life again” - Rating:5/5

"I found Debt Therapy Scotland on Google. I was very nervous about talking to someone about my situation as I was embarrassed about the level of debt I had found myself in. When I filled out the form, I instantly saw the options available to me. I then received a phone call from David and he immediately put me at ease. His knowledge and non-pushy approach allowed me to assess the options available to me with a clear mind. I am now making one affordable monthly payment to my debts, do not receive daily threatening phone calls and can concentrate on living my life again."
John ,Paisley on Jan 25th.

“felt like a weight had been lifted” - Rating:5/5

"Easy. Filled out the form, read the debt guide and was contacted by a debt adviser an hour later. Instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and looking forward to being debt free in 48 months."
Emma, East Renfrewshire. on Oct 14th.

“I am now paying what I can afford” - Rating:5/5

"After splitting up with my partner and moving into a flat I found that living alone was expensive. To combat this I over spent on credit cards and overdrafts. After a year of burying my head in the sand and ignoring the harassing phone calls and letters with bold red writing I decided enough was enough. I stumbled across Debt Therapy Scotland and found their site full of useful information and tips. I filled out the form to get an indication of what I could qualify for. I spoke to a friendly debt adviser who explained all the options that were available to me. A Trust Deed was the best option and I am no paying what I can afford each month without the constant worry."
Ben, Motherwell. on Sept 3rd.

Ethical Debt Help for People in Scotland

This website aims to give anyone visiting all the impartial information required to help them make the best decision for a route out of debt.

By filling out the form we will put you in touch with the most credible companies in the industry who we have specifically selected due to their reputation as quality an ethical debt companies. We can guarantee that you will be given all the advice required to make an educated decision when trying to choose a suitable debt solution.

Why Debt Therapy Scotland?

  • A quick and informative way to find out the options that are suitable for you
  • Confidential and non-judgmental support
  • Free ethical debt advice
  • No jargon, simple advice