Trust Deed Fees

The new regulations to Trust deeds mean that fees are now very transparent and rigid from the outset. If you are about to go into a Trust Deed your Trustee is legally responsible for making sure you are aware of the fees involved.

The actual fees you pay will depend on your individual circumstances, and we only use companies with ethically placed fees to ensure you the debtor are not paying unnecessary fees. Fees can range from £2,500 to over £5,000 so you should make a conscious effort to ask about the level of fees at the start of the process. If your chosen company are proposing fees that are higher than this band then alarm bells should perhaps ring, and you should contact other companies to see if their fee structure is more appropriate.

We do not charge you for our service and only use companies with fantastic reputations who have been operating in the debt industry for many years with thousands of satisfied customers. These companies will charge a fee to administer your Trust Deed, but you will only ever pay what you agree to as your monthly Trust Deed payment each month until it is completed.